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Game Schedules




The schedule for the Benton Bucks is posted below and at our page on titled "Benton Homeschool Bucks".  Please see the directions below, if you prefer to use the Maxpreps website for our team.


Schedule Notes


It should be noted at the outset that this schedule is probably about 75% accurate to what it will actually end up being. Schedule changes will occur between now and the beginning of the game season, as well as throughout the season. Changes will be immediately posted onto the calendar when they occur, and after October 1, you will receive an email notifying you of the changes occuring AFTER that date.  Also, during the regular season, you will receive weekly email reminders that will contain all current schedule information. Any schedule conflicts that are reported to your head coach by October 1 will be excused, and you will not be required to attend events that are rescheduled or changed after that date. We only ask that you keep your head coach informed, because it is important that he knows exactly who he will have for every practice and every game.


For your convenience, we have added the Benton HomeSchool Bucks Calendar to this web page. You may access the Maxpreps website by following the directions shown below the calendar.








Accessing the Maxpreps Website



As you might guess, this national website is designed for schools, and not for homeschool club teams, but we have figured out how to use it for our purposes.


The most important thing to understand is that there are two entirely different locations that have our team name assigned to them: The School page, and the Varsity Team page.


School Page


The School Page says "Benton Homeschool Bucks High School" across the top. The only part of this page that we use is the calendar.


All program events are listed on this calendar. The school calendar format requires a designation of the event type for each event, but does not include "game" as an option, so everything but practices are designated as "other event". For game events, the subject line will begin with the team name followed by "vs", followed by the name of the opposing team or the event. Additional or expanded information for many events is contained in the "notes" box for that event.  All Varsity events are listed separately on the school calendar, even if they are coinciding with or conjoining other team's events. For some reason, they all contain the letters "V BK".


Varsity Team Page


The Varsity Team has a home page on Maxpreps. There you will find:


Varsity Calendar




Games Scores





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