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Junior Varsity



The JV team can have a maximum of 9 players, and will be selected from the pool of high school aged prospective players by a collaborative decision between the Varsity and JV head coaches. Final selections will be made in early October.


The JV schedule consists of about 25 practices (integrated with Varsity practices), all on Monday evenings, 15 games and one tournament.


Practices incorporate scrimmaging and skill development. Prospective players are invited to participate in off-season practices before making a commitment to the season or paying a fee. This helps both you and us to determine the right fit for your son.


Players are encouraged to do conditioning workouts at home inbetween events during the regular season.


The games and practices are generally local to the Elkhart County area. There are usually no more than two events per week from October through mid February. There are no events on Holiday weekends.










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