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The Varsity team can have a maximum of 12 players and will be selected from the pool of high school aged prospective players by a collaborative decision between the Varsity coaches. Final selections will be made in early October.


The Varsity regular season schedule consists of one practice per week during the month of September, and usually three events (practices or games) per week from October to the end of February.  Post-season tournaments may extend into early March.  The season consists of about 35 games, including a few weekend tournaments.  


Team members are required to do conditioning workouts on their own throughout the regular season.  


Practice and game attendance is mandatory and tardiness or unexcused absenteeism results in penalties to the player. Schedule conflicts must be negotiated with the coach in advance. It is understood that academic seniors and those playing other fall sports may have a substantial number of conflicts with our schedule. Special exceptions may be made in these cases but must be negotiated in advance with the coach.


Varsity players must possess good one-on-one defense skills and some experience with team (man-to-man or zone) defense. They must be able to score against defensive pressure and make free throws and layups consistently under pressure. The V level is highly competitive, physical, and fast-paced. To adequately prepare, practices must reflect the intensity of the games. Players will be focused on how they can contribute to the success of the team, and will be restricted, in game situations, in areas of their game where they lack skill. The Varsity player needs to enjoy competition and hard work, and possess a "never give up" kind of tenacity.


Prospective players are invited to participate in off-season practices before making a commitment to the season or paying a fee.  This helps both you and us to determine the right fit for your son.







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