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Inclement Weather Policy




Due to the extremely localized and unpredictable weather patterns in northern Indiana, and considering the range of locations that we all hail from, and the varied capabilities of our vehicles, it is necessary to establish how we will handle the cancellation of Bucks Basketball events when there is inclement weather.



While we believe that commitment to the team is important, the safety of our families is more important. We do not believe that it is worth risking life, health, or property in order to attend a basketball event. 



If you feel at any point that you are uncomfortable with the risk of traveling to a basketball event, we want you to make the best decision for you and your family. Absence or tardiness to Bucks events due to weather conditions will not affect our attitude toward you or your son's status on the team. We only ask that you communicate in as timely a manner as possible with your head coach if you will be absent or late to any Bucks event.




Practices will continue as scheduled regardless of who can make it or not. We have coaches in near proximity to the practice facility who are confident that they can be there under any circumstances.



If the school or hosting organization cancels the game, you will receive an email notification no later than noon on game day. If the cancellation comes after noon on game day, we will call you or text you to let you know. 


If the host of the game does not cancel, we will go ahead with it as long as we have five players on each team that can make it. We ask that you make your decision and communicate that to your head coach no later than 9:00 AM on game day, so that we can make a decision and communicate that to the host of the game. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you are going. If you are running late, please call or text your head coach with that information, as soon as it becomes apparent.




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